Thursday, November 29, 2018


Some Predator exploration back in 2016, always fun to explore different ideas early on in a project. These were an evolution of some early ideas Constantine Sekeris explored on the project that i was asked to take a crack at.

The Predator Dog was the last task i worked on. Bryan Wynia and the ADI guys had already done most of the development on the design and i was asked to figure out color/skin patterns/dredds and some refinement/exploration in a few different directions. I wasn't given the model the other guys made at the time so this was sculpted from a sphere in Zbrush based on the earlier work Bryan/ADI had done.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Surprised and delighted that Director Jordan Vogt Roberts is sharing some early work we did for the film over the next 31 days for the anniversary of the original games release. Will update anymore work that gets released here that i did for the project (and will update it with higher res files if i get clearance). #METALGEAR31st
A calmer alternate version of the Snake vs. Rex shot. More of the moment when Snake first comes across Metal Gear Rex in the hanger. cold breath and socom in hand.
This was one of the more horror/magical realism based images i visualized for Jordan.

#10 by Ben Mauro
#18 by Ben Mauro
 #31 by Ben Mauro

#1 by Nick Foreman.

 #2 by Eddie Del Rio

 #26 From Eddie Del Rio
#4 by Dennis Chan
 #25 by Dennis Chan
#7 from Maciej Kuciara!
 #11 by Lap Pun Cheung

#14 by Lap Pun Cheung

 #12 by Jakub Rozalski
 #5 by Jakub Rozalski
 #9 by Joe Peterson
  #23 by Ignacio Lazcano

#15 by Nick Foreman.

#17 From Nick Foreman
 #8 by Ignacio Bazan Lazcano.
#27 from Joseph Cross and Nivanh Chanthara!
#29 from Jakub Rozalski

Monday, June 25, 2018


Crab Tank in action.
 M2-TIGER in action.
M2 TIGER. Will try to put this guy in an environment/action shot like the CRAB Tank if i get a little time this week. Target was to make a smaller two legged weapons platform in this universe, somewhere in-between an ED-209, The Moose and a baby MGS REX.
Crab-tonomous military vehicle done for fun.
Gorilla Exo Soldier.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Some sketches and studies done for fun in my free time. 
 Initial line drawings and color before a few tweaks in the above images.
Space crate sketches.
Future Stratos Zero sketch.
Earlier vehicle studies to get warmed up.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


 A small selection skyjet images done for the film.

 The multiship and the smaller individual ship design that the skyjet chases in the film.