Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mid-Term update...

Work Update: Decided to go work with some talented friends at Insomniac Games for a bit before i head out. Good times.

If any Art Center students are looking for a place contact me ASAP!
Large room in a 4 bedroom house, 5 min from AC. $800 + utilities. Preferably someone with 2 terms left at school.

Lots of personal work 90% done, i will try to finish up and post a few more before work tomorrow. Character WIP, trying to keep things simple. Fuel Processor, still needs another detail pass. Block-in from class, the detailed version got too cluttered.BIOSHOCK 2: CoverI was contacted around a month ago by Russian gaming magazine Igromania, to do a cover for their issue featuring "Bioshock 2". I sent them some new ideas but they ended up sticking close to the original image that 2K provided them. It was fun learning experience...even if it ended up being more of a paintover.