Sunday, December 23, 2012

ZBrush 4R5 Beta Testing

Was lucky enough to help out a little in the 4R5 beta test, i was involved right at the end so i literally had two evenings to test out some of the new features then another evening to design something. Some exciting stuff in the latest update, really looking forward to exploring everything in more detail when i get more free time.

Here was the design i came up with on my Sunday evening, some sort of synthetic muscle robot character. I liked how some of the new tools allow you to create these skeletal hollow forms easily so i was just scratching the surface with this concept. The model was super rough but got the point across for the concept i had, only the upper torso/head area was modeled and used in the rendering then the rest was painted/illustrated. I was starting to build the full body in more detail now that i have a bit more time but i got hit with some more deadlines so i have to put it on hold for a bit or maybe just move onto something else that i have more time to develop. Am wrapping up a few other things then can hopefully get back to experimenting with the new features over the holidays.

And a quick and dirty process gif showing the paintover process, users on ZBC were asking about the initial modeling process so the first 3 images in the gif are just showing the simple dynamesh block-out front on, then model broken up with panel loops then pushing the panels around with the new auto-masking features to get the look i was after.