Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Another short film i worked on around the same time as DRONE (early 2012), I have collected the main design elements that were in the short (and a few that were cut)....there was much more stuff but i will just post the highlights for now. The opportunity presented itself to me and i decided to take it as a design challenge and see what would come out of the collaboration. Having low budget (and time) constraints was definitely limiting in many respects but it also forced me to try to solve problems in different ways. When the project gets picked up i would of course like to go back in and redesign a lot of these but thought i would get these out there as a bookmark on where the project was in 2012.

BTS can also be seen here:

 Some of this content was used to pitch the IP to studios but Director Kay Parandi turned it into a short film tying everything together. Check it out! 

Quick promo image done early on to show the producer what the suit would look like in one of the locations we were going to be shooting in.
 Police costume design, created with a lot of back and forth with the Director/Producer/Manufacturing to meet the design needs for the script....and of course what was possible on the budget....which was extremely small! A lot of the design needed to be simplified to large panels especially on the back/front as the future police used that as adspace to generate revenue for the NYPC. When the show gets picked up and we get a nice budget i would definitely like to redesign this or maybe make a more advanced version?
 A gun design i did in 2011 that sparked initial conversations about the project, we came to an agreement and i let them use this for the short film. The gun is based on current day 'centrifuge weapon system' technology, this just being some sort of future miniaturized version of the same tech. Video here illustrating the basic idea:
 Early exploration of some larger rifles based on the same technology as the centrifuge pistol. We ended up building a few larger rifles as background props that show up briefly in the short. This is just a small sample of the guns i did.....too many guns.
Flying drone seen in the short film.
 A larger police vehicle that was cut for budget reasons. Probably the first vehicle i tried to visualize in 3D to show a Director what i had in mind......then i never looked back, powerful stuff! Lot of things i would do differently now on this from a design / rendering standpoint, but was a fun project to be involved with and look forward to see where it goes. The idea with the cockpit is that its entirely self contained, so cameras mounted all over the exterior of the vehicle combined with display screens all over the interior which would result in the pilots being able to look nearly 360 degrees around them while flying and remain completely armored/protected.
A few people were asking to see the ZBrush base i built before painting over so here it is, really simple stuff, enough to show the forms/basic details to the director/producer to get them to lock off on it  before taking it further. 
One of the police vehicles seen in the short film, this design was a collaboration with the Director. Multiple other directions were explored but the more thin/streamlined helicopter form was decided as the final direction to take. As with a few other things there is a lot i would do differently on this now but thought it was worth putting out there.

 Robotic mosquito that was cut for budget reasons, this is the rough concept that went back and forth with the director until we had something close to what he was after. The form and mechanics got worked out in more detail on the ortho but we couldn't afford to shoot the scenes this was going to be in...maybe someday! Definitely would do a lot of things differently on this now, but thought it was worth showing.