Wednesday, December 27, 2023


 "HUXLEY® is a post apocalyptic story about two scavengers who find an ancient robot and get swept up on an adventure that could change the fate of the galaxy as they know it."

Excited to showcase the release of the HUXLEY Legendary Art collection! Was awesome working with the amazing Nikolas Gekko on these illustrations to bring the Huxley characters to life in the universe. You can see more of Nikolas's work here:

Original 2008-2014 designs/artwork for the project can be found here:



Monday, November 25, 2019


Happy to finally start talking about this! The reason I've been so quiet the last 3+ years on the personal work side of things is because i have been putting all my free time into writing and illustrating my first original graphic novel called HUXLEY™, its at a point where i can start sharing/talking about it as im getting close to finishing the entire book.

The original Huxley™ robot character was created and designed back in 2014 with a story i had in mind, around 2016 i started to actively produce page 1 and commit to making this thing in-between client work. Has been a long road, and a lot of these early pages are 3+ years old now but im excited to start putting this out there and share this new story universe with the world.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


 New trailer for our game released! Hope you guys like it, has been a blast to work on. :)
Have been heavily involved in the Forerunner design on Infinite, was super cool to see this space come together working with Sparth and the talented environment team (Chiyo Lai, John Flath, Jihoon Kim, Patrick Hammond and many others) at 343!

 This project has been a huge full circle experience for me. One of the reasons i became an artist in the first place was because of the original Halo game(s). I wanted to design levels/architecture specifically because of how interesting i found the Forerunner designs to be. So to be able to come on board and do exactly that after all these years, my 17-year old self is very happy right now!
 Cool to see some concept art get released already for Halo Infinite! These were a couple early collab pieces between the incredible Sparth and myself done during production of the trailer that were officially released. Has been a career highlight having him as an AD, learn so much everyday! :)
 The first one was an image trying to figure out the overall space of the forerunner room before taking things further.
 The second is a concept for the low power version of the Pelican after the pilot has been living alone for a while. I was tasked with creating some early lighting images (low/full power, emergency/warning) for the story that Dan Chosich needed in the trailer. Look forward to sharing more as they get released, fun times!
Shot in the trailer.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Some Predator exploration back in 2016, always fun to explore different ideas early on in a project. These were an evolution of some early ideas Constantine Sekeris explored on the project that i was asked to take a crack at.

The Predator Dog was the last task i worked on. Bryan Wynia and the ADI guys had already done most of the development on the design and i was asked to figure out color/skin patterns/dredds and some refinement/exploration in a few different directions. I wasn't given the model the other guys made at the time so this was sculpted from a sphere in Zbrush based on the earlier work Bryan/ADI had done.