Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Summer 07'... Internship

Had to take this down but am told it is now ok to post it again. This work is for an upcoming book from DesignStudioPress in conjunction with the IP creator of "Mas Macho", Wil Stahl.

Here are a couple things from an internship at DSP way back when. At the time i was really burnt out and a little uncertain about what i wanted to do with my life/career.....I hadn't picked up a pencil in over a year and was in a creative slump when i took the job... working with Scott Robertson and John Park really turned things around for me, sort of re-started my brain and i learned how to draw/design/think all over again. I owe both of you big time. :)

I was more of an illustrator on this project....coming up with the visual style for the characters and environments in the brief we received. While i did some design work early on, most of the finished character images are based Johns drawings for the final direction of the main character (which i have labeled). One of the most collaborative projects i've ever worked on for sure....hopefully it gets edited down when the book comes out....some pretty wonky stuff from me back then.

Pencil and Photoshop 2007. Copyright DesignStudioPress in conjunction with Wil Stahl.

Some of the designs i did early on.Where some of the finals went.