Sunday, September 9, 2012

CDW Wellington

Had a great time at the event demoing with my ridiculously talented co-workers Aaron Beck and Greg Broadmore (not to mention a very skilled audience!), i think i came away just as inspired as everyone else. We have been working next to each other for years but its rare that we actually get to sit down and watch each other work, very inspiring stuff to say the least! 

Here is a sample of some of the demos done over the course of 5 days (3 hours a day), these will be available shortly as a digital download / DVD through their website showing the creation of all of this (and more!) going over research, design sketches, world building, props/weapons/costumes, digital sculpting and illustration. I will make sure it includes all the ZB models and high-res layered Photoshop files used to create everything, i want to make it as dense as possible with content. :) I will also have the bottom creature fleshed out and rendered/posed for the DVD as well.  Stay Tuned

Here was a little warmup i did before the event in Wellington last week which fed into some of the demos created on the last day sculpting the body of a variation on this creature. Where some of the finals went below, kind of turned out too friendly than i was planning in the main rendering? I was creating a scene with some of the characters surrounding the creature, i think that and the grey unposed renders showcase what i was after more than the rendering.... hmm might redo that at some point to something more aggressive.