Sunday, November 18, 2012

Robot Warmups

Some sort of robot thing.....with 3 lens flares! :D

Testing out some new techniques and pushing the level of detail a bit more than what i am used to building in 3D, i would usually do most of that in 2D but just trying to find a reasonable balance to save time. Will have some more experiments to share later this week. Stay tuned....

And a quick body sketch, might build it in 3D at a later date.
Testing taking elements of the above design into 3D within a set 3hr time limit. More of a technical exercise, less about the design.
 And the quick concept sculpt i painted over for the above image.
 Also forgot to post the DRONE work here from earlier this year.... So here was the final design that Long Ouyang and i worked on, with Mike Nash doing the 3D design of this guy. A little bit of BTS here: