Friday, January 4, 2013


Little teaser of things to come, a small cropping of a larger scene with rough models. Probably bit off more than i can chew but i am just going to go for it. Will probably finish the individual creatures first then put them back into the scene....its like 10 or so new creature designs on top of the initial ones already created.... a lot to tackle all at once but gets really exciting once all the elements are in the scene then its just like being a photographer in a jungle taking cool photos of animals that you created. :) More to come soon.

The rest of work can be seen here with a full writeup about the world here or on my website:
Will update this post as i finish some of the new creatures, should have one done before next week.... lot of stuff to work through, need more hours in the day!

First pass at the alien Theria creature. I'm trying to tie all of these guys together some how, like maybe most of the creatures don't have eyes or see the world with some form of sonar? So this creature would act more like a prey animal with eyes on the sides of his head. So the large flat planes on his front sides emit sonar left and right from some internal organ (or maybe the petal form on his back emits the pulse and the head area picks up the signal?), whereas the HH creature acts more like a predator with eyes in front of its face emitting sonar forward. I imagine this guy eating more like an ant eater, some long weird tongue coming out the front to eat plant life in the area. Working on the detailed rendering right now, got hit with freelance work so might not get to the main rendering till the weekend. Also wanted to try to do a shot of a herd of these guys walking/grazing similar to some of the other shots i was working on. One nearly down, 9 or so more to go!