Sunday, July 14, 2013

Demos V3

 Some more class demos and things from last week, Primates! Everything was started with a dynamesh sphere and sculpted from scratch.

The more detailed one is the class demo, but i ended up eyeballing a lot of the forms based on photos and reference....which didn't feel accurate to me.... like something was slightly off. While i could always justify some of the forms based on many of the variations of Orangutans i was looking at, something still felt off to me and it bugged me into the weekend. So for personal growth i decided to model a simple orangutan skull so that i was building the forms around it to allow everything to fit where it should, this was a much more logical way to work and allowed me to understand how all the muscles and skin fit on top of the bone to create the forms i was seeing in the reference photos. The less detailed one was done with this process which i feel looks much more accurate. Then after all that was in place i sculpted an expression i saw in my reference that i thought was pretty hilarious... fun times! I modified the teeth and things based on the reference photo which was pretty interesting as well, one of its lower teeth had been knocked out so the remaining 3 had shifted to the center and many of the other teeth were moved around and shifted at odd positions from years of use in the wild. Really cool stuff to put into the visual library for future use.